Yankees Leaning Toward Jeter Only Batting Order for ALCS

Friday, October 16, 2009

With a big series approaching, the Yankees are turning to their big players for the ALCS against the Angels. Manager Joe Girardi announced today that the Yankees will most likely go with a Jeter only batting order for the duration of the series.

"Derek Jeter is clutch. Make that Derek Jeter is the definition of clutch," said Girdardi. "Why wouldn't we want him to take each and every at bat for us? Great players come through in great situations. Sending Jeter to the plate 30 or 40 times a game gives us a better chance to win."

However, by sending Jeter to the plate for every at bat, the Yankees are left with no one to run the bases.

"Yeah, we thought of that," said Girardi. "But by heightening the importance of each at bat, we really think it will lead to 80 or 90 home runs for Derek in this series. He is the definition of clutch, after all."


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