Aaron Rodgers Won't Criticize His O-Line While Beneath This Pile of Defenders

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Despite being sacked a league high 20 times and taking plenty of other hits, Aaron Rodgers is refusing to criticize his offensive line. At least until he can remove himself from this huge pile of defensive players.

"I won't do it while under this pile," said a wheezing Rodgers, obviously having difficulty getting words out beneath the large pile-up of his latest sack. "I think I'll wait until I get up, if that's even a possibility anymore."

The Packers lineman are glad that Rodgers is currently taking the high road, choosing not to criticize them while beneath a pile of defenders.

"It shows that Aaron is really a class act," said lineman Jason Spitz. "It really shows that he is a stand-up guy. Well, metaphorically speaking that is."


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