Despite Classified Ad, Neighborhood Flyers, Browns Deny Shopping Quinn

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

With the NFL trade deadline approaching, many are wondering if the Cleveland Browns are willing to trade Brady Quinn. Despite a full page classified ad in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and countless neighborhood flyers posted around Cleveland Browns Stadium, the team denies that it is shopping Brady Quinn.

"Trade Quinn? No, that's preposterous!" said a source from within organization's front office. "I'm sure there are lots of professional football teams in the Cleveland area that would put an ad in the paper or post flyers around the stadium to try and trade a quarterback. But I assure you, it wasn't us."

Along with the classified ad and the flyers, it appears as though the Browns also had Quinn clean out his locker.

"What, that? No, no no," said the team source. "We are having every player clean out their locker with the whole H1N1 swine flu thing going on. It just happened that the media was present when we cleaned out Quinn's locker and no one else's. That's all. Oh, and pay no attention to the press release announcing Brady Quinn's pending trade. Most likely just an elaborate hoax."


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