Tampa Bay Buccaneers Discover Film Room, Playbooks

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Good news Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans! Despite the team's 0-6 start, things may be looking up. Today it was reported that the team has discovered a film room, as well as the storage container holding all of their playbooks.

"This is awesome!" said head coach Raheem Morris. "We have really struggled trying to prepare our team without a film room and without playbooks. Now that we have both, hopefully we can turn things around."

Cadillac Williams, one of the team's running backs, agrees.

"A film room and playbooks?!? This is such good news. I was kind of getting tired watching our interns try to act out our opponents plays as though they were actual game film. Hopefully this puts us on the right track. It was kind of hard to have any success when our two offensive playcalls were 'running-type play' and 'passing thingy'."


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