Redskins Strip Zorn of Play-calling Duties in Preparation for Stripping Him of Head Coaching Duties

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Washington Redskins announced that head coach Jim Zorn has been stripped of his play-calling duties, and will be replaced by Sherm Lewis. The team says the move is just preparatory, and will ultimately lead to Zorn being stripped of his head coaching duties.

"We find it's best to take away a job slowly," said a member of the front office. "There is less conflict that way. Things will just work out on their own. If we slowly strip Jim Zorn of his responsibilities, when he no longer has anything to do he will stop coming in to work. Kind of like what they tried on that movie Office Space."

When told of the move, Redskin players admitted they were completely unaware offensive plays were even being called.


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