To Avoid Turnovers, Jim Tressel to Have Ohio State Punt on First Down

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jim Tressel
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If Jim Tressel has been accused of anything, it's that he is a conservative coach. He is taking that to the next level today, as he has announced that the Ohio St. Buckeyes will punt on first down for the remainder of the season.

"Turnovers are bad," said Tressel. "Negative yardage is bad. By punting on first down, we eliminate turnovers and lost yardage. Hopefully our defense can play well enough, and can create some turnovers and scoring opportunities for us."

If the defense cannot create turnovers, it will be very difficult for Ohio St. to score. Especially since they are giving the ball back to their opponent right away. Fortunately, they play in the Big 10 and will most likely qualify for a BCS bowl somehow, only to be defeated by an approximate score of 79-0.


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