NBA Referee Lockout Imminent, Games to be Officiated by Those Three Guys in the Front Row

Friday, September 18, 2009

With negotiations breaking down between NBA officials and the league, it appears that a lockout of the officials is imminent. As a result, NBA games for the upcoming season will be officiated by those three guys in the front row.

"This is awesome!" said Mike, one of the three guys in the front row. "I can do a better job that those old geezers anyway. How hard is it to not call fouls or traveling? We always knew we were better than the stiffs the league threw out there, and now we'll have a chance to prove it."

Should negotiations resume, allowing the regular officials to work again, the league has decided to let those three guys in the front row coach a game every now and then. As Mike put it, "We can coach just as well as those guys too. How hard is it to tell your star player to go one on one?"


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