USC Forced to Start Slightly Less Talented High School All-American Blue Chip Quarterback

Friday, September 18, 2009

Injuries are already starting to decimate the USC Trojans. Starting quarterback Matt Barkley is out for this weekend's game, and will be replaced by Aaron Corp, a slightly less talented high school All-American blue chip quarterback.

"This isn't good," said a member of the USC coaching staff. "We are going on the road with our backup quarterback. Granted, he is a blue chipper and could probably start for 115 out of 120 Division I schools. But bottom line, he is still a backup, and slightly less talented than our starter."

This breaking news clearly puts USC's national title hopes in jeopardy. If any more players are injured, only to be replaced by slightly less talented High School All-American blue chip recruits, it could be a long season for the Trojans.


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