Kanye West Interrupts Broncos Postgame to Tell Them Bengals Should Have Won

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Denver Broncos were celebrating their 12-7 victory, capped off by Brandon Stokley's miracle touchdown. Then, uninvited, Kanye West interrupted the celebration to tell us what he thinks. Apparently he prefers the Bengals over the Broncos, much like he prefers Beyonce over Taylor Swift.

"The Cincinnati Bengals had one of the greatest games of all time!" screamed Kanye. "OF ALL TIME! They deserved to win! Not you Brandon Stokley, not you!"

The Broncos stood in horror, and were not quite sure what to do. Thankfully later in the evening they were given an opportunity to celebrate their victory when the Green Bay Packers let them take the podium at their postgame press conference.


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