In Response to World Wide Wilbon, Denver Post to Have Woody Paige Twitter From Outer Space

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Washington Post recently gave Mike Wilbon a new page on its website allowing him to instantly post his thoughts and insights. His new moniker is "World Wide Wilbon." In an attempt to one up the Washington Post in the instant sports news department, the Denver Post has decided to have Woody Page utilize Twitter from outer space. The paper feels that people will want to pay attention to Paige, simply because this type of thing hasn't been done before.

What is Paige's response to being shot into outer space? "Jay Mariotti is a Jabronie!"

The Denver Post had considered other marketing alternatives, including having Paige write random quotes on a chalkboard while standing next to I-80. But tweeting from outer space was the winner, because it is believed that the volume of Paige's voice, should he speak if he has more than 140 characters worth of insight, will be tolerable if he is 20,000 miles away.


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