Tom Brady Praised for Causing That One Guy From Buffalo to Fumble

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tom Brady
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The return of Tom Brady to the regular season was an exciting one, as the Patriots pulled out a last minute 25-24 victory over Buffalo. The turning point came on a fumbled kick return by Leodis McKelvin, a fumble clearly caused by Tom Brady, allowing the Patriots to come back and win.

"I just glared really hard at him when he took the ball out of the end zone, kind of like a Jedi mind trick," said Brady. "I saw him jump a little bit, and then he got hit. So I glared even harder at the ball, and it popped free, we recovered, and the rest is history."

Using his mental abilities to cause the fumble clearly exhausted Brady, as he was clearly confused by the post game ritual of interviewing the winning quarterback when he blew off Suzy Kolber.


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