Fan Drinks Oakland Raiders Kool-Aid, Becomes Violently ill

Friday, September 11, 2009

Tom drank the Kool-Aid
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Tom Hermanson, a 24 year old Oakland Raiders fan from Middle Bluffs, California thinks that this year is Oakland's year. As a result, he began drinking the Raiders Kool-Aid yesterday afternoon, only to become violently ill a short time later.

"I really think we can do it," said Hermanson in between dry heaves. "McFadden's about to break out and Seymour will really improve our defense. Plus, the AFC West is a weak division so I think we really have a chance. BBLLAAAAAAAA!!!!"

Doctors believe Hermanson became ill because of a rare fungus that had been growing in the Raiders Kool-Aid for several years. Hermanson said he found the Kool-Aid in a rusted bucket beneath McAfee Stadium.


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