Barack Obama Declares AFC West a Disaster Area

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

AFC West Division
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Today, President Barack Obama has declared the AFC West a disaster area. FEMA is now on the way to clean up the mess.

"I am glad that the government has finally stepped in," said a representative of the NFL. "The Broncos, Chiefs and Raiders appear to be a total mess. I just don't know how they could compete if we sat back and did nothing. We need some federal funds to restore these once proud franchises."

However, there is some opposition to this, mostly in the San Diego area.

"The government is going to bail those guys out?!?" said one Chargers fan. "Why can't they wait? Before they stepped in the Chargers winning the AFC West looked like the surest thing since the Titanic not sinking, er, well.... you know what I mean."


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