Highlights of Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame Speech

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech will be remembered by many. Whether you liked it or thought he was arrogant, you will remember it. Check out the entire video at Not Qualified to Comment.

Here are some of the highlights of the evening:

*Prior to Jordan taking the stage, Sam Bowie was inexplicably called up first. He left prematurely due to some type of lower body injury.

*Craig Ehlo made a desperate attempt at distracting Jordan during his speech. Jordan was able to hang in the air for what seemed like 10 minutes and was able to continue speaking.

*During the middle of the speech, Jordan left the stage, seemingly during the height of the evening. Hakeem Olajumon and Clyde Drexler filled the dead time for a couple of minutes. Jordan returned, and capped off the speech quite nicely.

*Bryon Russell attempted to remove Jordan from the podium, but was gently pushed aside.

*A bunch of other stuff happened at the end, but we won't touch on that at all.


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