Red Sox Also Eyeing Hot Blonde in the 4th Row

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fenway Crowd
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Several reports have surfaced regarding the Boston Red Sox interest in Washington Nationals shortstop, Cristian Guzman.

*Red Sox Place Waivers Claim on Cristian Guzman (Sox and Dawgs)

*Red Sox Claim Guzman (Fire Brand of the American League)

*Guzman Claimed Off Waivers by Boston (The Nats Blog)

But that is not the only individual the Red Sox are interested in. An anonymous Boston official has told us that they are also interested in the hot blonde sitting in the 4th row.

"I mean, WOW!" said the official. "Any red blooded American male would have to be interested, wouldn't he? I just hope she isn't married or has a boyfriend."

Off the record, he would admit that the interest in the blonde may have been brought about by the rejection from the brunette in row 2. Or because Jed Lowrie was on the DL. One of the two.


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