TCU Hurting BCS Title Chances by Being From TCU

Friday, October 30, 2009

The controversy of the BCS is upon us once again. Will it be two perennial powerhouses, such as Texas vs. Florida or Alabama, or will an upstart, non-BCS team get in the mix? Currently, TCU is the highest rated non-BCS school, but is unknowingly hurting their chances at a BCS title by being from TCU.

"They just don't get it," said a member of the BCS computer programmer squad. "We set up these computer programs to get big name schools to the title game. People would rather see a 1-loss Florida or a 1-loss Texas than an upstart underdog team like TCU or Cincinnati. I mean do you ever watch sports? No one wants to see the little guy somehow defeat the favorite. My advice to TCU is to change their name. Maybe to USC, LSU or some other three letter school name that is more recognizeable. Then our computer might rank them a little higher."


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