Raiders Regret Not Sharing Playbook with JaMarcus Russell

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Raiders lost again, this time 29-6 to the Houston Texans. Oakland's offense was terrible, gaining a measly total of 165 yards.
Today, Oakland has attributed their season long offensive struggles to not sharing the playbook with quarterback JaMarcus Russell.

"It's tough out there when you don't know what's going on," said Russell. "They send in these long plays with 15 words and a bunch of numbers. Apparently I am just supposed to figure things out on my own."

The Oakland Raider coaching staff regrets not sharing the playbook with their QB.

"It was a mistake," said head coach Tom Cable. "We should have shared our plays with him. But JaMarcus is young, so we didn't want to burden him with too much. Looking back it was a mistake. It was probably a bad decision to not introduce JaMarcus to his receivers either. I don't think he even knows their names, let alone where to throw the ball to."


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