OK State to NCAA on Bryant: "Feel Free to Punish our Untalented, Useless Players"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oklahoma State star receiver Dez Bryant is in some trouble with the NCAA, for allegedly lying to NCAA officials about activities that may have taken place while at the home of Deion Sanders. The school has asked the NCAA to go easy on Bryant, instead offering to have several untalented, useless players punished instead.

"We've got all kinds of walk-ons that don't play, why can't they punish them?" said a representative of the football program. "Or maybe some guys that are injured, and out for the season. Suspend them. We'd also be willing to completely eliminate our indoor field hockey program."

The NCAA has yet to rule on what Bryant's punishment will be, but the school hopes that the NCAA makes what they view as the right decision, allowing Bryant to be reinstated, while punishing other less talented players for Bryant's mistakes.

Said the school representative, "Dez Bryant is our meal ticket..er, I mean it was just some unusual circumstances. He deserves a second chance and we deserve a big payday in a bowl game."


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