Metrodome Magic Just Some Dude in the Upper Deck with a Magic 8 Ball

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Twins continued their improbable late season run, with a one game playoff victory over the Detroit Tigers in extra innings. Many are attributing the Twins victory to Metrodome magic, as this is the last season the Twins will play in the dome. Today, it was revealed that Metrodome magic was just some dude in the upper deck with a magic 8 ball.

"It was cool," said Tom Smuckers, a 33 year old Twins fan from Martinburg, MN. "I'd ask the magic 8 ball a question and it was always a positive response. 'Are the Twins going to win?' I asked, and the response was 'Most likely'. When I asked, 'Will Gomez score?' it replied 'It is decidedly so'. It was awesome!"

News of the magic 8 ball has sent Minneapolis area retailers into a frenzy, looking for more magic 8 balls, ouija boards, and other magic kits designed for kids.


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