ESPN on Nebraska's Win: "Tim Tebow Will be a Game Time Decision"

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nebraska defeated Missouri last night, 27-12, in a rain soaked come from behind victory. It was a very important win for the Cornhuskers and their chase for the Big 12 North title. ESPN's take on the game? 'Tim Tebow Will be a Game Time Decision.'

"Well we had just started the Nebraska-Missouri highlight, and were right in the middle of showing one of Zach Lee's touchdown passes," said Sportscenter anchor John Anderson. "But then we realized that we hadn't mentioned Tim Tebow and his concussion in about 5 minutes, so we had to break into the highlight and talk about Tebow. It's just the network's policy."

'Tim Tebow Will be a Game Time Decision' was also ESPN's analysis of the major league playoffs, NASCAR's Chase for the Sprint Cup, and this week's upcoming NFL schedule.


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