Antagonistic Yankees Still Finding Ways to Irritate Nation's Baseball Fans, Win Playoff Games

Saturday, October 10, 2009

With yet another improbable playoff win, this time a 4-3 extra innings victory, with a 9th inning homer by Alex Rodriguez and an 11th inning walk off home run by Mark Teixeira, the New York Yankees have proven that they can still win games in a completely irritating fashion. The game also included a blown call on a ball hit by Joe Mauer, a ball called foul, that should have been ruled a double. His double would have given the Twins the lead in extra innings. Instead, it merely added more movitation for Yankee players to piss everyone else off.

"I love getting under people's skin," said a smirking Alex Rodriguez. "So tonight, we took the approach to sit back, and let the Twins get what they viewed as a comfortable 3-1 lead. Then, since it was the ninth inning, Tex [Mark Teixeira] and I said we'd better tie this thing up. So we did. Then that walk-off by Tex was just the icing on the cake."

Yankee players are not the only members of the organization that enjoy infuriating fans of every other baseball team.

Said owner Harold (Or is it Heathcliffe? I don't know, some name with an H) Steinbrenner, "That's why we go out and spend $800 million dollars each off season and have a quarter of a billion annual payroll, for moments like this. To see the angered looks on non-Yankee fans faces makes it all worth it. We're not in this for the World Series titles, secretly, we just REALLY like irritating people, particularly baseball fans."


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