Washington Nationals Magic Number to Clinch NL East at 231

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Washington Nationals have had a difficult season. But apparently they still have hope to win the NL East, as determined by an unknown, renegade statistician. Their magic number to win their division currently stands at 231.

"I don't know a lot about magic numbers, and I'm really bad at math," said manager Jim Riggleman. "All I know is that we need to win a bunch of games and everyone ahead of us needs to lose a bunch. If we can somehow win our last 14, and everyone in the NL East loses their last 14, we can probably make up some ground. Hopefully our magic number of 231 is attainable."

Ryan Yardman, a 29-year old fan of the team from Slippery Beach, Virginia is not quite as optimistic.

"231?!? Is Riggleman crazy? I don't think that is mathematically possible in only 14 games. But I guess I'm not really sure, and I don't care too much anyway. Being a fan of the Nationals has really sucked the life out of me."


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