Sam Bradford's Right Shoulder Would Like to Declare for Last Year's NFL Draft

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sam Bradford
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In last night's 14-13 upset of Oklahoma at the hands of BYU, Sam Bradford injured his right shoulder. Following the game, his right shoulder made it clear that he would like to declare for last year's NFL draft.

"It was always my intention to declare for the NFL draft after last season," said Bradford's right shoulder. "I, I mean Sam, would have been the #1 overall pick. So move out of the way, Stafford, I'm calling for a do-over."

Despite only having an AC sprain, which should only hold Bradford out about a month, his throwing shoulder doesn't want to take any chances.

Said his shoulder, "I want my $40 million guaranteed, and right now my, I mean our best chance at getting it is to declare for the draft that took place last April."

No word yet from NFL offices on whether or not a "do-over" draft rule is on the books.

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Big Kat said...

Good stuff man. I love how everyone is jumping on him for staying, and passing up millions of dollars after applauding him for coming back.

September 8, 2009 at 7:49 AM

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