Lee Corso Mistakenly Picks Appalachian St. to Win Alabama-Virginia Tech Matchup

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The final predictions on ESPN's College Gameday are always a highlight for college football fans. Today, is was a bit confusing, as Lee Corso mistakenly predicted Appalachian St. would win the Alabama vs. Virginia Tech game. Off air, he defended his prediction.

"Not so fast my friend!" said Corso. "Appalachian St. beat a good Michigan team AT Michigan a couple of years ago. If the ball bounces their way a couple of times and they catch a lot of breaks, they could pull off an even bigger upset and beat Alabama and Virginia Tech. Besides, the mountaineer looked more interesting to me than an elephant head or that turkey looking thing Virginia Tech brings out."

ESPN is guarding against this type of mistake in the future. From now on, they will only have the mascot heads of the two teams playing in the game, so Corso isn't thrown off.


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