Reality Television Star to Try His Hand at Football

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reality television star Terrell Owens, known to friends as T.O., wants to take a shot at playing in the NFL. His creatively titled show, The T.O. Show, on VH1 is coming to an end, and he is looking for something to do.

"Look at me, I'm in pretty good shape," said Owens "so I think I can handle playing wide receiver. I've been working hard at complaining about not getting the ball enough, so I'll at least fit in with current NFL receivers."

Owens has signed a one year deal with the Buffalo Bills.

"We shopped around, but didn't get much interest. I guess teams don't want a prima donna, uh...I mean a reality star without football experience playing for them. But I am happy to play for the Buffalo Bills. And I see we have a home game in Canada. Maybe I can expand to that market and try hockey next year. Or maybe curling."


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