Kentucky Fans Looking Forward to (Vacating) Lots of Final Fours

Thursday, August 20, 2009

With the signing of head coach John Calipari, a great deal of excitement was created around Kentucky basketball. He has a history of recruiting great players that are able to focus on basketball, while not letting NCAA rules, academics or pursuing a degree get in the way. (SLAM Online) -- (Sparty and Friends)

The team will have high expectations, and the fans are looking forward to (vacating) several Final Fours under the eye of Calipari. They don't care about these previous "allegations" that probably weren't even true anyway. So what if he jumped ship again. (A Sea of Blue)

"I can't wait to advance to 4 or 5 Final Fours under Coach Calipari," said Rocky Durango, a lifelong Wildcats fan. "He is such a great coach. I just can't believe everyone is so hard on him for leaving Memphis. He is Kentucky's coach now, so leave him alone. Of course none of the Final Fours he will lead us to will officially count once the NCAA violations are discovered and wins are taken away, but it will still be fun to watch."

LuLu Yates, a Kentucky basketball fan since 1962, feels the same way.

"Sports are about fun and competition, not trophies," said LuLu. "We don't care about stuff like that here. So what if the team wins 3 NCAA championships and has them taken away. We live in the past at Kentucky, so we'll always remember the good times."


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