Future Insurance Plans From the People Bringing You Fantasy Football Insurance

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fantasy Football
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Believe it or not folks, you can actually buy fantasy football insurance. We have obtained secret insider information on future plans these companies are working on.

Video Game Insurance - Tired of losing to your buddies or other online players in Madden or College Football? Get your money back on that expensive gaming system and all of those useless games.

My Favorite Team Lost Insurance - Did your favorite team lose a game? How dare they! For a nominal fee, recover tickets costs, tailgating costs and travel costs for all games attended that end in defeat for your #1 team.

Home Team Blackout Insurance - Home game blacked out on local TV? Don't want to buy a satellite package? Get yourself some home team blackout insurance. Recover all costs spent eating and drinking at your favorite watering hole just so you can see your home team play. Must be purchased 7 days prior to home game. Otherwise known as Jacksonville Jaguars insurance.

Notre Dame Overrated Insurance - Are you an Irish fan? Get some Notre Dame Overrated Insurance. Recover all ticket and travel costs associated for every Fighting Irish game attended if the Irish don't finish in the top 10, attend a non-BCS bowl, or lose by 20+ points in a BCS game.


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