Steroids Wish They Were Used by Albert Pujols

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Several high profile MLB players have been linked to steroids. Albert Pujols has not. It angers him that due to his success, people accuse him of using PEDs. In a recent article, Albert spoke out against it: Rounding Third: Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols is batting cleanup for baseball.

But this story does not appear to have an end in sight. Steroids are out to get Albert Pujols.

"I look for Albert every time the Cardinals come to town," said Steroids, whose recent widespread use in baseball has allowed him to purchase homes in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, as well as several vacation homes in the Caribbean and South America. "I'm gonna get Albert. I don't care if he's in the team hotel, the clubhouse before the game, or out to dinner after. I'm switching into what I like to call 'Groupie Mode'."

Several past major leaguers, such as Rafael Palmeiro, have warned Pujols to look out for Steroids when in "Groupie Mode", as Steroids have been known to spike countless protein shakes and B-12 shots in the past.


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