To Avoid Another Cheating Scandal, Florida State Athletes Will No Longer Attend Class

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Florida State University
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With their head coach, Bobby Bowden, chasing Joe Paterno for most career victories, along with the possiblity of having some wins taken away, the Florida State football team is not taking any chances. To avoid another cheating scandal, athletes will no longer be allowed to attend class.

"It's a drastic move, I know," says Bowden, "but to keep these players from their daggum cheating, the best thing we know to do at Florida State is to keep them out of class entirely. It you're not in class, you can't cheat can you?"

Florida State Athletic Director Randy Spetman added, "We kind of had this policy already, but it just wasn't written down. So what we did was make it a formal, written policy. Athletes will no longer be allowed to attend class. It's best for our entire program at this time."

Surprisingly Florida State is not the only school with this policy. It has been in place at USC, Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio State, Michigan, West Virginia, Miami and the entire SEC for some time.


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