Favre Saga Over, Causing ESPN to Lay Off 25% of its Employees

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

America rejoice! The Brett Favre saga is now over. At least until September or maybe October. But along with this great news, comes some bad. Due to losing one of the major stories they've been covering, ESPN has been forced to lay off 25% of its employees.

"It's a sad day," says ABC Sports and ESPN president George W. Bodenheimer. "We really didn't want it to come to this, but with today's economy and limited stories to report, the Worldwide Leader had to make some cuts. There is no bright side for those employees that have lost their jobs. For the American sports fan, however, they have much to look forward to. Without the Favre story, we are proud to announce that we will now be devoting even more coverage to the Red Sox, the Yankees, the Cubs, Michael Vick, Lebron James and Plaxico Burress."


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