A-Rod Celebrates Yankees World Series Victory Over the Twins

Monday, October 12, 2009

Alex Rodriguez finally stepped up, clubbing two key home runs that lifted the Yankees to an ALDS sweep of the Minnesota Twins. However, due to his lack of postseason production historically, and the Yankees recent lack of postseason success, a confused A-Rod began celebrating what he believed to be a World Series victory.

"We won the World Series!" said a jubilant Rodriguez. "It feels so good to finally be a champion. Hopefully people will mention me along side other great champions too, like my teammate Derek Jeter. I guess this is old hat for Jeter. He doesn't seem to be as happy as me, but he's won like 10 World Series before I got here. Probably not a big deal anymore."

Despite having one more round to go to even reach the World Series, Jeter let A-Rod enjoy his moment.

"He doesn't get too many opportunities to celebrate a big win," said Jeter, "so we'll let him have this. Besides, if he stinks it up against the Angels [in the ALCS], things will go back to normal and fans won't like him anymore. But they will continue to love me and my continued heads up, clutch performances. Like when I took that pitch for ball two yesterday. That was sweet."


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