LeBron Advises Terrelle Pryor to Stop Sucking

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The struggles of Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor have been highly publicized as of late, particularly after Pryor's poor performance in Ohio State's loss to Purdue last weekend. To combat his struggles, Pryor has been receiving advice from LeBron James, whose advised Pryor to stop sucking.

"It's tough to be that #1 guy if you suck," said James, "so I told him to stop sucking. If you stop sucking, then you will probably play better."

Pryor's head coach Jim Tressel also feels he would play better if he would heed James' advice.

"Even though he's been making some 'minus plays', we're going to stick with him," said Tressel. "We really feel as a staff, that he has the ability to eliminate those minus plays if he would just suck a lot less than he does right now."


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