Why Mangini Still Hasn't Picked a QB

Friday, September 4, 2009

Decisions Decisions
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The Cleveland Browns have had one of the most talked about quarterback competitions this preseason. Will it be Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn? Coach Mangini has yet to announce who the starter will be. He claims that it will be harder for Cleveland opponents to game plan for week 1 without knowing the starter, but a source from within the organization has given us some other reasons that have led to the procrastination.

* Brady Quinn may leave the team to begin a lucrative modeling career
If that happens, it would completely demoralize the team if Quinn were to be proclaimed the leader, only to leave for greener pastures.

*Braylon Edwards Will Just Drop Passes Anyway
Who cares if it's Quinn or Anderson throwing the ball when the #1 receiver has the dropsies?

*Jeff George is Still Available
Mangini wants to bring in a veteran with experience to run the show. If anything, he'd be confident.

*Mangini is Contemplating a 100% Wildcat Offense with Josh Cribbs
The Wildcat is the revolutionary dangerous NFL offense. Just ask any announcer that is obligated to say "Wildcat". Mangini obviously wants to be dangerous on every play.

*Brett Ratliff has snuck in late to steal the job
Who's Brett Ratliff?


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