Kansas City Royals Selling Playoff Tickets Just for Fun

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

With the baseball postseason approaching, teams in contention are now accepting applications for playoff tickets. For example, the Yankees announced their ticket prices for the playoffs yesterday. But the Royals, despite having absolutely no shot at qualifying for the postseason, announced that playoff tickets are available for their loyal fans that have stuck with them all these years.

"It's nice to do something for our fans," said a team representative. "I know these tickets are technically worthless, and they won't get you into an actual playoff game. That is, unless you have a time machine and can go back to 1985 or something. But we feel it's still a nice gesture. I mean, tell a fan on opening day that they can purchase playoff tickets and they'd be ecstatic. We're just giving that to them, without all of the playoff heartbreak."


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