NFL Training Camp Report: High Character Guys Being Cut to Make Room for Talented Players

Thursday, August 6, 2009

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A disturbing trend is making its way across NFL training camps this pre-season. The so-called "high character" players are being cut to make room for players that have talent.

"I really hate to cut these guys, but we've got to win football games," said a member of the Bills coaching staff. "They're nice people, but we're not trying to win a congeniality contest. I can't keep a WR on my roster just because he's a good guy when he runs a 5.1 40."

Buffalo is not the only club that feels this way.

Says a member of the Houston front office, "Sometimes coaching staffs need to make tough decisions, we just need to support them. I don't care what our character is as long as we make the playoffs."


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