EA Sports NCAA Football Simulations to Replace BCS

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The NCAA announced today that they are dropping the controversial BCS system. Instead, they will use simulations from the popular video game EA Sports NCAA Football.

"I'm going to level with you. We have no clue how the BCS worked," said a representative of the NCAA. "Human polls, computers, drawing staws, coin flips and whatever else went into it. All we knew was that there would be two teams playing each other and one would be called a champion. So we've decided to drop the BCS system and utilize simulations from EA Sports. I mean these guys are REALLY good. They have the speed rating for the backup kicker from Montana State for crying out loud! It was the attention to detail by the people over at EA that led to a much improved college football championship system."

The NCAA said that despite dropping the BCS system for EA Sports simulations, they will still utilize bowl games. However, they have expanded from 34 bowl games to 60, and teams are only required to win 1 game instead of 6. The bowl season has also been expanded to run from December 20th until March 1st. The rational behind these moves is to make as much money off of student athletes as is humanly possible.


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