Tim McCarver on Peavy Trade: "Jake Peavy, When Healthy, is a Pitcher That Can Pitch for the White Sox"

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jake Peavy
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You can always count on Tim McCarver to add some insight. Here is a little more (fake) analysis from Tim on MLB's trade deadline stories.

*Roy Halladay not being traded: "Halladay wasn't traded, so he can still pitch for the Blue Jays."

*Jarrod Washburn to the Tigers: "Washburn is a left-handed pitcher, and he will still be left-handed when he gets to Detroit."

*Nick Johnson to the Marlins: "It's hot in Florida, and the Marlins play in Florida. Nick will have to get used to playing for the Marlins when it is hot in Florida."

*Jerry Hairston, Jr. to the Yankees: "Jerry Hairston, Jr. has the same name as his father."

*Victor Martinez to the Red Sox: "Martinez is no longer a Cleveland Indian. He plays for the Red Sox now.


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