Chad Ochocinco Excited to Tweet About His Upcoming Mediocre Season

Friday, July 10, 2009

Chad Johnson
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Chad Ochocinco has been in the news lately regarding his use of Twitter and the potential fines he will face, should he tweet on the sideline during a game. But Ochocinco doesn't care about the fines. He hasn't in the past. He says he's going to do what he's got to do to 'get his words out to the masses.'

"Go ahead and fine me. I'll tweet as much as I want about the 41 or so catches and 3 touchdowns I'm gonna have this year. I've got to. It's the only way I'll stay relevant. My play on the field don't cut it anymore. If Twitter don't work, I'll get on Facebook, or MySpace. I'll start 3 blogs if I have to. I gotta keep eight-five in the news!"

Ochocinco also told us that he anticipates his release, and looks forward to playing out his football career in the upstart United Football League or maybe even the Arena League beginning next season in 2010.


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